Sunday, November 16, 2008

Storytime and Playgroup at the Curran Homestead

As you may know I am starting a storytime at the farm on Tuesdays 130-230 PM and Fridays 1000-1100 AM. It will include a reading, craft activity, and snack. The trial run is the week of November 17th. I have only advertised in the Eddington School to limit the kids. I need to see how all this comes off.
I envision having playgroups at the CH as well. That can happen once we have a modern restroom on premises. This will allow parents to bring their kids to the site and play in both the living room and dining room. We would need a gate to close off the dining room to the kitchen; I'm not sure whether a door currently exists now. Having parents and their children using the farm on a weekly basis is key to our sustainability. We need more volunteers and people interested in taking on the tasks of a vibrant working living history museum and farm. Creating such a community resource as storytimes and playgroups is key to getting these people interested. Making an inexpensive place to bring your kids for entertainment and education is always appreciated!
What we need are some donations of farm toys. My son is going to share his barn, tractors, farm animals and the like this week for kids to play with during storytime. This is only a temporary situation, and he invites the opportunity for the time being, according to him. But new or old toys would be appreciated for the future, and wooden ones would be preferable rather than plastic ones.
I might solicit some from the parents themselves, if you all think that would be appropriate. A toy box with a lid could hold all these, and be moved out of the room when necessary for other functions.

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